Only real photos. Not from the Internet

Only real photos. Not from the Internet

Our company LLC «VIVA ASSISTANCE», Odessa, Ukraine, works at the industrial equipment market under the trade name «IndustryComplect» since 2003.

 The company mainly specializes on restoring used automobile and tractor equipment and offers it to the customers either as a whole or as separate units, assemblies and parts. The company has sufficient production facilities and storehouses for this activity. We would like to demonstrate work package by example of restoring truck cab and engine:

 - a cab is to be dismantled, precoated and painted; the seats and the compartment are to be covered; all the faulty and incomplete parts are to be replaced;

- an engine is to be dismantled, all the defects are identify, the sleeves are to be replaced; pistons group, all the gland seals, packings, rubber details, bushings, piston rings etc. are to be replaced; crankshaft has standard dimensions; hot running-in is to be carried out; all the filters are to be replaced; all the parts are to be painted;

- all the units and parts of the feed and lubrication systems, cooling system are to be checked, replaced if necessary and painted;

- the engine can be started up at the test desk in customer’s presence;

- the electrical equipment is to be tested and replaced if necessary.

The similar works are to be conducted over transmission, suspension and other systems of a truck.

Our company provides a warrantee on the units and assemblies supplied for the period of 1 year.

Thus customer receives a machine renewed to the level of 90-100% of a new one at the price of 50 % of manufacture’s price.

We can supply either complete set of components for a specific model or separate units and assemblies in a necessary number.

We can also offer concrete mixers, cranes, towers (upright and telescopic), drilling rigs, fuellers, municipal engineering machinery etc. on the base of KAMAZ, MAZ, KRAZ, ZIL chassis.?